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Affected by evil spirits, the prisoners fell into their spell, destroying the prison and turning it into chaos. Monsters and warriors fight everyday to survive in this barren land where there is no civilization: only blood and fire. The once beautiful Elf Forest was turned into a foggy deadly place by the evil spirits, making it impossible to survive. Countless battles were fought here in the past, leaving the bones of the fallen behind. That''s why it''s called the Bones Range. The bridgehead of the Demon army is an impenetrable fortress, prepared to invade the Human World. A grand tavern where many Mercenaries have been trained before. The Dragonfield was founded by the king of the Mercenaries. An ancient and mysterious orc tribe, legend says they have blood of the ancient giants. They are keen on traveling and collecting treasures. The Scourge Church, ruled by the Undead Mages, is looking for the Martyr''s Park and to sacrifice souls to summon their god the skeleton dragon Azrael. The Demon retrieved the lost magic sword and summoned a large number of demons. They gathered in the Nether Kingdom and attempted to revive the ancient Demon King Murphyt with their blood and faith. All forces gather at the Magic Battlefield, fighting for the Supreme Artifact. Defeat all the enemies to become victorious.

New Update: Exotgic Lands

During the campaign of Exotic Lands, your Soldiers and Mercenaries have been sealed by dark powers. Clearing Mist Woods is the only way to unseal your Soldiers and clearing Dragonfield is the only way to unseal your Mercenaries. Artifact Shards and other related materials can be used to Synthesis the Artifact. Challenging the Dungeon consumes 10 points of Sacred Spring. The Sacred Spring will restore 100 points automatically at 5 a.m. every day. You can also buy a VIP Daily Pack or use Diamonds to obtain Sacred Spring.