Eternal Fury V3.0

Eternal Fury V3.0

After running the beta test, Game Hollywood has announced Eternal Fury V3.0. With the release of the new version, you can expect many changes in V3.0, all of which make the game way better than its preceding versions. So without further ado, let''s go further into its details.

Differences in V3.0 and V2.5

So you might be asking yourself, what are the new features in the recent version? Well, in this segment of the article, we''ll be addressing these differences.

The changes can be felt in all aspects of the game i.e the combat, the map, the characters, etc. And despite these modifications, the overall feel of the original versions is still kept. Apart from an additional slot in which you can add another character to aid you, no particular changes are seen in the combat system. However, with V3.0, you get to battle a wide variety of new adversaries and bosses! These range from wolves and werewolves in Misty woods to Rock giants in Arial Peak to Tidal spirits in Levitated Palace and so on. Moreover, the size of the map has been significantly expanded which now consists of unique locations, each with its distinctive landscape and enemies. Some of these include well-detailed locations such as Frigid Glacier, Haunted Peak, Forgotten Land, and so forth. To battle certain bosses situated in different regions, you have to level up accordingly (or you''re most probably going to get obliterated). Furthermore, although the original currency has been maintained i.e. gold and blue diamonds, a new one has been added in the current version, which you''ll notice are pink diamonds. Apart from these main features, there are other, more subtle changes made in the game as well, which if you play for yourself will see.

Updated contents in V3.0

Other than the changes made in the current features of the game, several new ones have been added as well! The first of these that can be noticed is the mounts in this game. Although this makes no difference in the pace of the character, there''s certainly an appeal to having a companion beside you, albeit not human. There are various mounts out there from which you can your favorites. The list includes Destructive Emberdrake, Cloudchaser Unicorn, Golden Lion, etc. Depending on what you feel like at the moment, you can either ride your mount or walk beside it.

With version 3.0, you can also now feel the progress your character makes with the d class advancement system. By completing a certain number of quests, you get the option of changing the class of your character depending on your taste in that particular moment. You can change the class of your main character to an archer, mage, or knight, and with that, the active skills of your character will also change with each class you choose.

Moving on to the aesthetics of the new version; the feature of holy wings has been d to accommodate numerous designs that help you enhance the visuals of your main character. By equipping these wings, you not only make your characters look distinct and unique, but it also lets you receive bonuses after each battle. A win-win situation if you ask me!

In the diverse realms and background of Eternal Fury, a game that is the epitome of originality and highly inspired by the Norse world, a new character has made its way into this world, ready to become your ally. Whom I''m talking about isn''t a person, but a deity; the Goddess of Flame will now aid you in your battles. Using the Goddess system, you can now enhance the skills of your troops that will give you an edge against your enemies, increasing the probability of utterly annihilating them.

Game experience

Moving on to the gameplay of version 3.0. Although I can''t express it in words, the gameplay of version 3.0 feels somewhat different than its predecessors. Meaning that even though some of the features are d, it still feels like you''re playing Eternal Fury nonetheless.

Let me elaborate, the currency, the abilities you require to upgrade your characters, the dungeon quests, the combat system, interaction between NPCs, etc. all retain the same characteristics of the previous version. What makes it different, however, are the subtle changes in these features, as well as the overall atmosphere of the game. For example, though the combat is relatively the same, there are many new opponents to face with many newly added attack sequences. Furthermore, even though you can travel around the world of Eternal Fury, there are now many more places to explore, each being more detailed and having more vibrant colors added. All of these helps make the game feel a bit more alive. Moreover, the change in the quality of conversations with NPCs can also be felt as it has become much better, making it feel a little less comical than found in the version''s predecessor. If you''ve noticed, the motions of your character''s movement also feel a bit more fast-paced in version 3.0. This is further enhanced by choosing the option of riding your mount. Other than these aspects, one thing likable about the newer version is that the music has been kept as it is, which some Eternal Fury''s players would agree that is one of the key aspects of the game. The music is a mix of melancholy, tranquility, and pure joy that excellently blends in with the game''s backstory (which if you''ve read would notice) and its environment. In short, it is the combination of all these characteristics that makes the game feel good as it is.

Reasons on why you should play version 3.0 over 2.5

I think all the reasons that make version 3.0 over 2.5 have been already highlighted. In conclusion, the choices in making changes in some features, as well as the decisions made to keep some of it as it is, makes version 3.0 a better choice for anyone willing to play Eternal Fury.

The article was first published in UBGURUKUL Website