New Updates V1.70


1. Added Recruitment Expert Pack.

2. Added Fashion Refining System.

3. Added Online Rewards System.

4. Added Artifact System.

5. Added Mercenary Quest System.

6. Added Oubliette System.


1. The World Boss will be unlocked twice a day at 12:00 PDT and 22:00 PDT.

2. Battle Buff Icon Improvement.

3. Added Guild Leader Impeachment Feature.

4. Fixed the bug that made Daily Quests and Activity reset everyday.

5. Optimized items source.

6. Now you can claim rewards even if there are over 5 Items in a mail.

7. Now you can complete all Astro Quests in 7-Day Revelry.

8. Fixed the exit bug in Guild War.

9. Mercenaries that you don''t have now will be dimmed on Bond Interface.

10. Brave Game Battle Ends Interface Improvements

Mercenary Quest

1. System Introduction: There will be 3 new Quests for you to complete at 12:00 everyday. You can send Mercenaries to complete missions and receive rewards.

2. Extra Rewards: Send Mercenaries to complete missions and receive extra rewards. Rewards will be refreshed everyday.

3. Quest List: There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Rare and Epic. Complete different Quests to get different Rewards.

4. The Quest List will be refreshed at 12:00 everyday. You can spend Balens to refresh it again 20 times per day.

5. Accept Quests: Tap to accept a quest. Send corresponding Mercenaries to complete missions. Each Mercenary can only complete one mission at a time.

6. You can spend Balens to complete Quests immediately.

7. Complete quests to claim Rewards.


1. System Introduction: Collect Shards to synthesize into Artifacts. Equip Artifacts to improve Hero''s Stats. Artifacts can be upgraded and promoted.

2. Artifact Synthesis: Collect Shards to synthesize into Artifacts. (The "Synthesize" button will turn into the "Equip" button once the synthesis is completed successfully.)

3. Artifact Equipment: Artifacts improve Hero''s Stats. Each Hero can only equip one Artifact at a time.

4. Artifact Upgrade: Spend Divine Stones and Gold to upgrade Artifacts. Upgrade Artifacts to improve Artifact Stats.

5. Artifact Promotion: Spend Soul Stones and Artifact Shards to promote Artifacts.

6. Artifact Skill: You can cast Artifact Skills in battle when the skill bar is full. Different Artifacts have different skills.


1. Dungeon Deion: Opens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can send 5 mercenaries to fight. Your Mercenaries'' HP and monsters'' HP will be saved when the battle ends.

2. Select Mercenaries: You can 5 Mercenaries to fight. You can''t add or change Mercenaries after confirming.

3. Stage Interface: You can''t send KIA Mercenaries to fight. You can spend Balens to revive 2 dead Mercenaries each round.

4. Battle Rewards: Kill enemies to get rewards.

5. Oubliette Chests: Use Balens to buy a Chest when you win in battles. If you don''t buy it, it will disappear.